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Ultimate 4 Tips to Decorate with Cushion Covers

It’s remarkable how these little, soft, cosier items of home décor can look beautiful on a bed or a sofa. Cushion covers on the couch, cushions on the chair, and bed cushions. For the house, cushions resemble purses and shoes. Despite the fact that a woman can never have too many shoes or purses, a home can never have too many pillows! Simple or fancy pillows may significantly alter the appearance and atmosphere of your entire house. Combine a variety of textures, colours, and patterns when buying pillows.

Investing in cushion can make hard-backed furniture more comfortable, which is a practical argument. Designer cushion covers are ideal for adding flair to your interior design. In fact, they are one item of home décor that doesn’t break the bank but significantly transforms your living area!

Choose a colour scheme.

The appropriate colour choices may result in a well-organized aesthetic for your space. The living room often contains a lot of items in a variety of hues and textures. Your properly picked cushions may attractively assemble all the components and make the colours complement one another.

The ideal method for choosing your colour scheme is to sit in the space and choose two to three hues that fit the following descriptions:

  • A picture, the drapes, a sizable vase, or another piece of furniture should be in the colour you choose for the space.
  • The colours you choose must go well together, or they must compliment one another.
  • Your cushion covers should feature most, if not all, of the colours in your selected colour scheme. One of your colors—the dominant color—should be present on the majority of your cushions. Three to four of your colours should be present in one or two pillows. You may then coordinate your three primary colours in this manner.

Cushions with patterns and colour are always attractive!

Buy patterned or colourful cushions from Greh Sajjaa to enhance your living room or bedroom and create a warm environment that will make every time spent there enjoyable. Change up your colour palette by purchasing designer cushion covers with patterned, textured, and designed covers. A wide variety of prints, patterns, and materials are available at Greh Sajjaa.

Making a decision on colours and designs when buying pillows might be difficult. Just keep in mind one straightforward rule: decide what kind of atmosphere you want to evoke in your space, whether it’s minimalistic, modern, sophisticated, beautiful, or romantic. Select the type that will be consistent throughout your home’s interior design.

Cushion Covers

How do you select the best cushions?

Size, form, and the quantity of cushions are equally crucial if colour, pattern, and texture are considered vital. There are many unique and stylish pillows available, but not all will necessarily fit the style you want.

To complement the pillows, for instance, you might use a small or medium-sized one as a bed cushion covers. Choose larger ones with vibrant colours to grasp onto while reading or watching TV if you want to create a leisure environment.

Which cloth to choose?

When it comes to comfort, usefulness and longevity, the cushion’s fabric is crucial. The pillows that are the most comfortable to sit up on and lean on are the greatest. Choose from wool for a rustic style, soft velvet for no scratches, and exquisite silk for a touch of luxury. When buying cushions , be sure to check the fabric description.

Cushion covers are essential to a home’s interior design. They may breathe new life into your house without costing much since they are lovely, cosy, and cheap. Select cushions that complement and work with the colours, rugs, and carpets in the room.

Conclusion ( Cushion covers )

Are you trying to finish the combination of your living room or bedroom’s decor? Add as many cushion covers as you like, and place a throw rug at the foot of the bed or the bottom of the sofa! Make sure the upholstery fabric or sofa fabric you choose is also equally comfy. All that’s left to do is relax with a cup of tea, a good book or your preferred TV show .


  1. What are standard size of cushions?
    There are two standard sizes basically one is 16X16 and another one is 24X24.
  2. Which type of cushion filling is good ?
    Foam based cushion filling is comfy and is low on maintenance as well.
  3. What are the types of cushions?
    There are mainly four types of cushions- Bolster, Lumber, Throw cushions, box.
  4. Are Cushion Covers washable?
    Yes, if there is no embellishment on it . If there is any sort of embroidery or handwork on it then it is preferred to be washed by hands.
  5. Do you have solid colors cushion?
    Yes, we have solid colors , printed, embroidery available in Greh Sajaa.

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