Home Styling 101 – Mixing Subtle and Bold Patterns

We’re going to discuss pattern and texture in home decorating in great detail today. More precisely, we aim to show you how to combine textures and patterns to give your house a unique touch. Home styling is really necessary to have a positive and lively environment around you. Visit Greh Sajjaa in Delhi for home styling.

Combining patterns is all about having fun with colour and details, and combining textures gives a space depth and striking contrasts.

Home Styling

To begin with, start small – Home Styling

Frequently, our clients worry that they may ruin the textures and patterns. They cling to one colour, one pattern, and one texture because they are afraid to try something too “different,” which results in a very one-dimensional space.

If you’ve never combined different textures and patterns before, start simple.

A bookcase might be adorned with textural trinkets, or a couch or bed can have a few accent pillows mixed and matched.

According to home styling you may choose to blend textures, patterns, or both when making throw pillows! Remember the 70 full / 30 empty balance we often discuss when it comes to shelving!

Size Counts – Home Styling

Selecting patterns with different sizes is the first guideline when it comes to combining patterns. This may be strong stripes with a fine hexagonal design, or it could be a powerful leaf print combined with a delicate floral pattern.
As a matter of fact, combining stripes is an excellent approach to introduce pattern. Stripe designs are quite adaptable as long as you consider the fabric’s tone.

According to home styling maintaining the same colour tone between the two motifs is another strategy for successfully combining them. Invert one of the hues to combine the same pattern with a different colour.

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Connect with a texture element

Texture gives the mixture depth and a luxurious feel. For instance, matching the tone of a patterned cushion with a velvet cushion can look great together and provide cosiness to a sofa or bed!

Our handcrafted Indian silk bed throws are the ideal pop of colour and texture to elevate your bedroom’s bed. Home styling is very trendy these days.
When considering your larger soft furnishings, such carpets and drapes, you might contrast their textures and patterns. Consider getting a textured or patterned rug, matching your drapes, blinds, or curtains with the patterns and textures in your cushions to bring everything together.

Organize your space with layers

Your walls, floor, and ceiling come first. Next are your main furniture items and your blinds or drapes. And lastly, your souvenirs and décor. Aim to balance colour and texture between layers as well as combine textures, hues, and patterns inside each layer.
Thus, you can contrast with light-colored walls if your floors are hardwood. Include a wall hanging with texture and a matching shade for a vibrant sofa. Next, incorporate some cosy furnishings in hues that complement the timber floor’s tone.

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Last Minute Details

Consider texture once again when adding the finishing touches, particularly for the more sentimental pieces like photo frames and memories. Incorporating robust metal and glass textures into smaller décor pieces will produce striking contrasts with your more delicate pieces. Moreover, more organic materials like coral, wood, and plants may be entertaining.

In order to create a visually engaging area, contrast is essential.
Get fabric swatches, paint samples, and other samples before making a significant purchase, such as a sofa, and arrange them all together to see if it feels right.

When doing this, keep in mind the amount of natural light you have and the way the colours and textures interact with one another throughout the day.

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