Boho Decor : Roaming the World of Bohemian Home Decor

All you in nature ones, listen up! The bohemian aesthetic is making a comeback and settling into homes all around the world. Boho decor is renowned for its global sensibility and emphasis on unusual and vibrantly coloured things.

It is a great way to show your individuality and love of many cultures in your own house. For that reason, we’ve compiled the top boho decorating suggestions right here. It might be tempting to approach this theme in a random, anything-goes manner because the bohemian aesthetic is all about taking chances and defying the norms of home décor. However, according to design professionals, the secret to getting the contemporary boho decor aesthetic is to start with a neutral basis and add on purposefully gathered items for an eclectic yet unified sense.

boho decor

It takes courage to blend patterns, colours, seasons, and textures; yet, once you’ve perfected the colourful bohemian look, there’s no turning back. Create a comfortable living space by using traditional macramé wall hangings, vibrant rugs, quirky beaded chandeliers, indoor trees, and succulent plants that you have grown yourself. One of the nicest things about the boho decor style is that it can be attained without spending a lot of money, especially when you make your own accessories.

Boho style does not adhere to any set guidelines. The design aesthetic is influenced by the use of organic materials in travel, culture, and artistic endeavors. For instance, a bohemian living room can have art, antiques, or old or weathered furniture. Natural materials like leather, cotton, and seagrass are combined with vibrant designs and eclectic “found objects” in this fashion.

Boho Style Basics

The boho aesthetic incorporates several design philosophies, as its free-spirited character would imply. It blends well with farmhouse, modern, eclectic, and rustic design aspects. There are several labels for boho decor design, including boho chic, contemporary boho, and bohemian eclectic.

Add a focal point or decorative pieces to establish a bohemian atmosphere if you are unable to completely change your design.

Bohemian Colours

Many hues go well with boho interior design. Warm colour schemes are good to employ as a starting point. For instance, safe choices are earth tones like dark orange, green, blue, and brown. Emerald and deep crimson are two jewel tones that you may use as accent colours. Add accent colours as well, such as metallic, brass, gold, or silver.

11 Boho Decor Ideas

#1 Woven Wall Baskets

Popular Bohemian wall decorations in the living area include woven wall baskets made of sisal and jute. The indoor plants and decorative cushions with unique textures give this living area a lovely Boho decor feel. This vibrant area is neutrally balanced with a jute rug in the shape of a circle and a mid-century coffee table made of dark wood.

#2 Orange Tone Sofa

Warmth is provided by a burnt orange couch with cosy upholstery. A mirror with decorative art is on the rear wall, and there are several indoor plants all over the place. The room has a lot of rattan furniture, giving it a tropical feel. There is a round rattan coffee table, a tiny rattan ottoman, a rattan accent chair, and a rattan side table with a glass top.

#3 Swing and String Lights

This living room has so many unique bohemian features, from the free-floating wood swing with a shag fur cushion to the string lights dangling from the ceiling. A brick wall with two wide windows is next to a wall lined with bookcases. A cosy conversation area is created by two substantial, comfy brown leather accent seats. This is a musical haven with two guitars nearby.

#4 Beautiful Throw Pillows and Cushions

A rattan accent chair, botanical wall art, and exotic throw cushions round off this ultra-modern boho decor chic living space. This room has a tropical, feminine feel thanks to the pink and green colour scheme. The plain beige sofa aids in bringing the colours into harmony. When needed, a bronze floor lamp provides extra illumination.

#5 Earth Tones like Green, Brown, and Orange

Earthy colours like green, brown, and orange are excellent for creating a cosy Boho living room atmosphere at home. The patterned drapes and rug with the diamond motif are examples of how you may experiment with combining different designs. Combine everything.

#6 Indoor Green Plants

In a bohemian home, you can never have too many indoor plants! In this boho decor living space, plants and house trees are practically everywhere! In the middle is a beige sectional sofa, with a rattan seat serving as a coffee table and holding more potted plants.

#7 Macrame Wall Decor or Wall Art

For bohemian home design, macramé is a highly popular wall decoration approach. These ornaments are available from a broad range of handmade and bohemian vendors. A blue tufted velvet sofa, two brown leather accent chairs, and two brown leather ottoman pouffes are all included in this mid-century boho decor living room.

#8 Vintage Rug

Boho houses frequently have antique and Oriental carpets covering the flooring. This one is coupled with a muted yellow bohemian sofa, many vibrant throw pillows made of textile, an antique lamp with fringe, and several houseplants. This boho living room design looks really beautiful, in my opinion.

#9 Boho Artwork

Pick a piece of Boho art that features nature, plants, flowers, or people for the walls of your living room. In keeping with your colour scheme, you may also go abstract. A lovely woman is seated in this living room image, which also has various potted indoor plants in the background. A straightforward, three-seat beige couch with orange and terracotta cushions is hung above. This bohemian environment is neutral and cosy thanks to the grey area rug and the brown coffee table.

#10 Colorful Throw Blankets

As seen here by the several colourful throw blankets sitting on the chairs and sofa, boho décor is frequently connected with a lot of vibrant colours. You may get a lot of bohemian living room ideas from this space. For instance, if you truly want to stand out, go big with a bright green front door. You may showcase personal items, hang colourful wall art, and add woven wall baskets on one wall.

#11 Not so basic white bedding

You don’t have to have neat, formal white bedding. This comforter has floral tufting and embroidery that gives it a distinctively “un-fussy” and modern vibe. We advise pairing this comforter with pillows and sheets of various textures and colours since a variety of textures is necessary for a boho bedding combination.

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