Teej Festival inspired Home Decor that celebrates tradition

A festival that is mostly observed in the country’s north during which women fast in hopes of extending the lives of their husbands. The union of Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvati is honoured. Who said this teej festival was simply confined to having no food or drink as ladies fast for the long lives of their admired husbands? Do you observe Teej but refrain from participating in its festivities? Whether you choose to decorate your house quickly or not is up to you, but here are some ideas to help it seem much more festive than it has before this festival !

The gorgeous decorating for this celebration, which is equally simple to make in homes, is what makes it dazzling. The Teej festival decorations should evoke the spirit of this blessed day of joy and devotion.

Now is the time to start preparing for a festive get-together if you intend to invite family or friends. When it comes to preparing your house for the Teej festival, there is no need to spend a lot of money. You may prepare your home for the visitors with a few small adjustments, which will make the celebration happier and beautiful. Visit Greh Sajjaa for home decor items like bedsheets, curtains, wallpapers, flowers and many other items. Let’s look at some easy-to-implement decorating suggestions to assist you in preparing your home for the Teej festival.

Importance of Teej

In India, Teej Festival is often observed during the monsoon season. This festival itself is quite significant. It is thought to be a celebration of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s nuptials. The Goddess Parvati is reported to have kept fasts and prayed to Lord Shiva for a hundred years to make him pleased so that they may get married, according to ancient Hindu mythology. It took her 108 incarnations to take on a shape that Lord Shiva would accept. Happy with her commitment, Lord Shiva made the decision to grant her dream and wed her.

The celebration and devotion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on this day is therefore said to bestow upon a lady marital joy, the health of her husband and children, and harmony in her marriage. This blessed day honours Goddess Parvati and her unwavering devotion to Lord Shiva.

Literally meaning “third,” the word “Teej” refers to the third day following a full moon or new moon night. As a result, it is observed on the third day following a full moon or on the night of a new moon to mark the arrival of the monsoon.

Teej Festival Inspired 6 Decor Ideas

#1 Put emphasis on the Pooja Room

Starting your d├ęcor activity from where you would be praying to the heavenly god in your Pooja or Prayer room for Katha is the best idea. Oil lamps should be lit throughout the space to provide soft illumination throughout. For a festive appearance, hang marigold flowers from the doors and walls. The Teej Festival honours Goddess Parvati’s unwavering strength and energy because it took her 108 incarnations to wed Lord Shiva, according to the uninformed. Therefore, this festival is for both married ladies who want for the long life of their partners and single women who are searching for a husband like Lord Shiva.

#2 Use Bangles for Decor all around

For women of all ages, bangles are among the most significant shringar or cosmetic accessories. Every woman’s house is filled with both used and unworn bangles. Use them to brighten up your house during the Teej festival. Hang them from the windows by tying them with a satin ribbon. Your windows will have an upscale and lavish appearance thanks to it. Additionally, you may crisscross them on the roof to decorate your ceiling.

#3 Adding the Jhulas

Swinging on the jhullas is essential to the Teej festival celebration. Women adore swinging high in the air on this day, which is the festival’s high point. It’s a day when people can put worry, anxieties, and obligations aside so they may enjoy themselves. Being a kid and having a great time with friends is not harmful. To commemorate this unique event, they dress themselves, henna their hands, and make the most of their beauty.

#4 Kite Decor

After the last Makar Sakranti celebration, if you stored any old kites away, this is the perfect time to get them out and decorate for Teej festival. You may still build kites out of brightly coloured chart paper and hang them from your windows or decorate the walls if you don’t have any kites on hand. Your house will become very colourful and cheerful as a result, and it will be festival-ready. You can hang kites on your curtains. If you’re searching for something unique, you may always fold coloured chart paper into origami birds and put them to the walls. Your room will stand out and appear genuinely stunning with its assistance.

#5 Pooja Ki Thali

You and your spouse visit the temple of Shiva and Parvati on the evening of the festival to ask for their blessings. You frequently take a puja ki thali with you while performing this, including all the necessities. Purchase a nice diya with artwork on it, ideally depicting Shiva and Parvati. To prevent a messy plate, store dahi and kumkum in tiny containers. Put on some gorgeous bangles, earrings, and bindis to make this thali seem more vivid! Make sure they are all red.

teej festival

#6 Photobooth Area to capture Memories

We understand that Teej is about fasting, love, and other things. No one will be harmed by a few quality images, will they? Use a dupatta in a vibrant hue as the backdrop on one wall. You can make a photobooth on terrace. Tassels may be hung from this, and there you have it! Your ideal photobooth is prepared! Additionally, you might place some accessories like bangles and mangteeka in the corner for people to wear and picture with.

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