How Cotton Bed Sheets are 100% a Best Option


After a long and exhausting day at work, you should get enough rest once you get home. If you have an undisturbed night of sleep, you will simply wake up feeling rejuvenated. Make your bed as comfy as you can to ensure uninterrupted sleep.

The proper mattress, pillow, and bedsheet are required for this. The quality of our cotton bed sheets is frequently overlooked by many of us as a factor in how well we sleep. However, bedsheets are vitally necessary, especially cotton ones as they are comfortable, long-lasting, and guarantee restful sleep.

Find out why you should select cotton bedsheets by reading on:

Cotton bed sheets

Cotton Bed Sheets are more durable-

Cotton bed sheets not only improve the quality of your sleep, but they also endure longer than sheets made of other materials.

Given that cotton is a little more expensive, it can be tempting to choose a less expensive synthetic substitute, but you should give it a shot given how long your sheets will last. You won’t need to replace your sheets as frequently because a set made of natural cotton may last almost twice as long as one made of synthetic materials.

There is no aftercare required for cotton bedding-

The majority of cotton bedsheets don’t need any particular care and may be laundered in the washing machine with any other item of clothing.

Cotton should preferably be cleaned alone and should not be combined with other fabrics when being washed. Cotton bed sheets may be dried in the tumble dryer and cleaned with regular detergents.

Body heat is taken up by cotton bedding-

Cotton is a natural substance, so when it is spun into a sheet, the entire cloth becomes airy. As you sleep each night, your body temperature changes. You could experience this and wake up overheated, sweaty, and in need of some fresh air. Your body heat will be absorbed by cotton sheets throughout the night, keeping you cool and dry.
Cotton sheets not only keep your body cool during the summer but also keep you warm during the winter by absorbing body heat. Because synthetic fabrics, like polyester, collect body heat instead of naturally releasing it, you will begin to sweat.

Discuss the thread count you wish to use-

The thread count is the first factor to consider. The term “thread count” (TC) describes the number of threads—vertical and horizontal—per square inch.

Choose a higher TC while choosing a bedsheet design and the appropriate cotton bed sheets material. The comfort level of a bed sheet increases with thread count.

Easy to Clean-

The key to peaceful sleep and a significant step toward a happy existence are clean linens. We are all aware of the importance of cleanliness in daily life. Next to godliness, it is a highly esteemed quality. According to research, having a clean bed increases sleep quality and promotes calm renewal.

Greh Sajjaa’s cotton bed sheets are simple to care for and clean, which promotes mental clarity and deep sleep.


  1. Do you have fitted cotton bed sheets?
    Yes, we have and we can also customize it according to your mattresses size.
  2. Do you solid colors in bedsheets?
    Yes, we have both solid and printed bedsheets.
  3. Do you have branded cotton bed sheets ?
  4. Do you have king size bedsheets and bedcovers?
  5. Can we wash bedsheets in washing machine?
    Yes, you can


You may get bedsheets from Greh Sajjaa that are intended to aid with sleep. All of our bedsheet sets are made with the highest quality cotton, vibrant colours, and fashionable designs.
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