13 Things To Add in Your Wedding Trousseau Other Than Clothing

Wedding Trousseau also known as Bridal Trousseau. A bridal trousseau is an assortment of items that a bride assembles to be ready for her wedding and marriage, including apparel, accessories, a towel or bathrobe set, flowers, and a flower pot, bedsheets or bedcovers and many more such things. So in this blog we are going to discuss about all the necessary must haves for a bride to carry with her wedding trousseau other than clothing.

We all know, Clothing plays major role in trousseau but now a days wedding trousseau other than clothing is equally advisable. We understand that you might want to carry your room with you but that’s not possible. So here are basic things that you can carry with you; according to your choice so that the new place also seems like your cozy home or room.

These days, brides spend money on items that will help them relax and feel comfortable after their wedding. Here comes a checklist for your wedding trousseau other than clothing.

Wedding Trousseau Other than Clothing

Comfy Bed Linens-

Make your sleep and life relaxed with 100% cotton bedsheets. Bedding is one of the most crucial thing that we all want to be comfortable. Except cotton bedsheets you can carry fancy embroidered bed covers, Quilted bedcovers, suede bedsheets as well.

wedding Trousseau other than clothing

Blanket Sets / Comforter Sets-

Blanket sets or comforter sets are sets which has same quilt and bedsheet or same blanket and bedsheet. You can get this in solid color and print as well. You can also purchase something in little embroidery as well. Greh Sajjaa has an amazing collection.

Towel and Bathrobe Sets-

A must have For your wedding trousseau other than clothing. Shop a proper set which has bath sheet, hand towels, towels, bathrobe, slippers. You can also shop this for your husband. You can purchase same color for your husband and yourself or different colors or something in contrast.

Storage Boxes-

You can shop these for your room or bathroom. You can put towels, hand towels , or any such thing in your bathroom and this will make your bathroom organized and aesthetic. When putting in your bed side tables then you can put your daily use things in it.

Storage Bags-

A star thing that you should definitely not forget to carry in wedding trousseau other than clothing. There are so many things that you carry to your new house so this is good option to purchase. You can keep all your stuff in these bags and then keep in your cupboards or bed boxes. You can keep your suits, dresses, gowns, sarees, shawls and so many things in it. This will require less space in your cupboard or bed box.

Evil Eye-

You can carry evil eye or evil tree with you so that it protects you from all negative energies and bad vibes. Evil eye protects you and it can be a lucky charm for you and your family. This is one main thing that you should carry in your wedding trousseau other than clothing while moving to another home and starting your new life with your partner.

Flowers and Flower Pots-

You can also carry some flowers and flower pots with you so that you can design and decorate your room according to your preference and choice. All this a good option to make yourself comfortable by seeing things for choice in a new place. It will make you feel comfortable so this is good option to take in your wedding trousseau other than clothes.


If you are stressed or in a bad mood so this diffuser will help you distress and uplift your mood. You should definitely pack a scented diffuser. You can use any diffuser; it can be electric, or the one which is to be used with tealights. You should carry the fragrances you like in your wedding trousseau other than clothing .

Carpet or Runner-

A carpet or Runner is a type of textile floor covering that normally has a backing and an upper layer of pile. To elevate your new room or home you can carry carpets or bide side runners with you. Carpets and Runners has different varieties ; they are now available in rabbit fur as well .


While sleeping we all need something cozy and comfortable so that we can have uninterrupted sleep. So why not carry your favorite Dohar with you. Good sleep is a must for all of us.

Photo Frame-

Leaving your family and home is so difficult and emotional. To live far away from them is something that makes you upset. So you can carry some small photo frames that you can keep at your bed side tables. You can put pictures of your closed ones and loved ones.


  1. Which diffuser is better the one with tealight or electric?
    Both are good ones. Before purchasing diffuser just look at one parameter that do you have source of electricity where you want it to be placed, if not then you can purchase tealight one.
  2. Do you have Dohar’s with zip?
  3. Do you have wedding bed sets?
    Yes, we have an amazing wedding collection
  4. What all things you have that we can carry in wedding trousseau other than clothing?
    Bedsheets, Bed sets, Bed side Runners, Carpets, Flowers, Flower pots, Cushion covers, Towels, Towel sets, Bathrobe sets, Comforter sets, Evil Eye, decor pieces, Storage bags and boxes, Many more things.
  5. Do you all pack bridal trousseau?
    Yes, we do packaging as well. We can do trousseau packing, and wedding trousseau other than clothing. We can also make ring platters, ginni platters, first wedding card platter and many more things.

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