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Powerhouse energy sources like the sun, wind, moon, water, earth, and fire are abundant in nature. Our lives are impacted in unfathomable ways by the sun’s rays, the wind’s direction, the pull of the earth’s magnetic fields, and other similar cosmic energy.

By learning to balance the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, and space) around us, we may make the most of the blessings nature offers and live a life full of riches, health, and success. Such beliefs are put out by the ancient discipline of Vastu Shastra and are based on astrology, architecture, astronomy, and even directions! Stay with us while we introduce you to some of its fundamental concepts.

Importance of the Eight Directions

North-west, North-east, South-west, and South-east are the four intercardinal directions in addition to the four cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West. Each direction represents a quality of life and is controlled by a different god.
South is the direction for dharma, whereas North is the direction for money. East and West are for success and general wealth according to vastu shastra.

Vastu Principles for different parts of house

Vastu Tips for your Plot

The plot choice is crucial since it determines the form, placement, and orientation of the home. These three elements also have an impact on the emission of both positive and negative energy. Therefore, a few factors must be taken into account while choosing a plot:

  • According to Vastu Shastra, square or rectangular plots are the most auspicious since they promote happiness and success in the home as well as financial progress.
  • Shapes like ovals, circles, and semicircles are not seen as lucky since they tend to limit a person’s ability to grow, as well as lead to numerous health issues, financial losses, and an unhappiness in the home.
  • The finest possibilities are plots with either a route around all four corners or plots with roads pointing north or east since they secure the people’ prosperity, well-being, and happiness.
  • The Vastu Shastra considers all directions to be beneficial. Any direction—east, west, north, or south—can be the direction in which the plot is facing. Every route has its own benefits.
Vastu shastra

Vastu tips for main entrance gate

The entrance is the point at which all energy continuously enter or leave the home. Therefore, the location of this gate must be chosen with the utmost care to prevent the property from experiencing any future issues.

  • North and east sides are the ideal directions for the entry doorway as per vastu shastra.
  • To create a welcoming environment, make sure the entryway is clear of all waste and garbage.
  • Keep any septic or submerged tanks away from the front doorway.
  • Always have good lighting at the entryway since it attracts great vibes.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

As the centre of all energies in the home, the kitchen is crucial in sustaining both good and negative energy levels. The following are only a few aspects to take into account:

  • The south-east or north-west are the ideal directions for kitchen installation. Since the fire lord rules over the south-east, that direction must take precedence.
  • A water sink must be positioned towards northeast as per vastu shastra.
  • Toilets shouldn’t be located next to or over the kitchen.

Vastu tips for Living room

Vastu is crucial to the happiness of the family and the home, according to Hindu Shastra. It affects both the good and negative energy present in the space. For all home interior and furnishing needs contact GrehSajjaa. Therefore, it is vital to take certain living room Vastu into consideration because of its considerable influence on the wellbeing of the residents.

  • Installing appliances and other equipment in the living room should mostly face southeast according to vastu shastra.
  • If there is a mirror in the living room, it ought to be mounted on the north wall also make sure it is not in direct contact.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Bedrooms should face southwest in order to promote excellent health and fruitful healthy relationships. The bed should also be positioned with the head facing west, at the southwest corner of the room. For kingkoil mattress visit Greh Sajjaa, Pitampura, Delhi.

  • A mirror or television shouldn’t be placed in front of the bed ever. The reason is that viewing the reflection while in bed might lead to household disturbances and arguments according to vastu shastra.
  • Neutral or earthy tones should be used to paint the bedroom walls since they emit a pleasant aura like white, beige, off white.
  • The bedroom shouldn’t contain a temple.
  • The bedroom should not have paintings depicting water flow or fountains, as they can cause emotional outbursts and moodswings.
  • Mood lighting should be used, and aromatic oils can be burned in diffusers to create a calm oasis. For trident bedsheets visit Greh Sajjaa they have amazing offers.

Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet

As important or necessary as any other room in your new home, the bathroom and toilet should be styled according to Vastu Shastra.

  • The greatest place for a bathroom and toilet in your house is in the northwest corner as per vastu.
  • Avoid building restrooms and toilets in the southwest since this might have a bad effect on you.
  • The door to the bathroom should mostly be on the wall to the north or east as per vastu shastra.
  • The toilet seat works best towards northwest or southeast. When seated on the toilet seat, the individual should face either the west or the east as per vastu principles.
  • The window for the bathroom or the toilet should always face west, east or north according to vastu shastra.
  • The northeast, north, or east should be where your bathroom’s shower or washbasin is located.
  • Make sure your toilet or bathroom is not adjacent to the kitchen or pooja area.

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Vastu Shastra Basic Principles

Shape: Preferably, your home’s rooms will be square or rectangular.

Room fundamentals: Rooms should be spacious, bright, well-lit, and clean. The corners of each room are likewise covered by this regulation.

Home Centre: There should be nothing in the middle of the room.

Furniture and Stairs: Heavy furniture, such as armoires, should be kept facing south-west. It is a good idea to construct stairs in this way if you intend to construct a duplex home.

Water: Avoid keeping plants and anything that contain water, such as aquariums, water fountains, and paintings, in bedrooms.

Dining room: Make sure the kitchen is close by and not the front entrance.

Mirror Position: It is very forbidden to hang a mirror in a bedroom that reflects a couple that is fast asleep. If you do decide to install a mirror in the bedroom, make sure it does not reflect the bed.

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