Vastu Shastra Tips for Harmonious and Balanced Home Renovation

Vastu Shastra refers to the science of harmoniously organising the five elements of nature—earth, water, fire, air, and sky—within a building. Though some might disagree, each of the Vastu recommendations for the house is supported by scientific theory. Vastu Shastra tips for interior design may offer luck and tranquilly to your life. These things will improve your home’s Vastu as well.

The simplest method to add serenity, happiness, and optimism to your home is to include things that provide luck and beauty. Each advice for interior decoration in vastu has a scientific basis. A nicely designed home attracts positive energy in addition to making a good first impression. Certain objects of home décor, according to Vastu, attract lucky energy into the house.

Many individuals think that Vastu Shastra tips simply applies to a property’s design and construction. However, the reality is that it also applies to house interior design. Even though your home was built in accordance with Vastu principles, if you neglected Vastu for the interiors, it might cause imbalance in the property’s overall Vastu.

Vastu for the house include preserving a pleasant living space, reducing stress, and enhancing relationships within the family.

vastu shastra tips

Impact of interior arrangement on Vastu

Vastu experts point out that interior décor aspects like wall colour, front door, furniture layout, and temple placement are some of the most important things to think about.

  • The location of the kitchen is correlated with the family’s prosperity and health.
  • The bedroom’s decor has an influence on the residents’ personal, professional, and health lives.
  • Prosperity and serenity in the home are influenced by the location of the pooja room is important as vastu shastra tips.
  • The placement of mirrors in the home may have an influence on happiness and health.
  • The placement of furniture may alter the flow of energy, which can have an influence on one’s physical and emotional well-being.
  • The use of different hues for different areas of the house may also have a distinct effect.

Vastu for a Happy House

A home must exude the proper vitality in order to be considered one. Many traditional beliefs hold that every home has a unique form of energy. Someone living in a house is subject to the impact of a certain energy field, which in turn affects him in some manner. The relationship between the healing art of Vastu shastra tips and our houses in cultivating positivity and positive vibes is therefore vital to comprehend.

Vastu Shastra Tips for your Home Interior

  1. Basic Vastu For A House Requires a Tortoise
    Tortoises are shielded from external disasters by a thick shell. The tortoise has a large family because of its lengthy lifespan. The stacking of tortoises represents a growth in dynasty, prosperous life, and excellent health. This is an essential piece of Vastu shastra for the home.
  2. Using This Vastu shastra Tip, Attract Wealth
    The simplest and most cheap Vastu objects for good luck are a flower and water. Add some water and rose petals to a crystal basin. That spreads good vibes and creates a lovely decorative item. It adds riches to the home, in accordance with Vastu Shastra home design advice.
  3. Wind Chimes for Joy
    Wind chimes are a wonderful way to beautify your house and provide joy, calm, and optimism. Wooden wind chimes work best in the southeast, east, and south of the house, while metal ones are ideal for the north, west, and northwest. This is advantageous for both décor and design.
  4. Buddha Will Bring Prosperity
    One of the most common Vastu for homes tips is to place a Buddha statue at the front entrance to protect you from bad energy. Maintain the statue facing east. In both Feng Shui and Vastu, the statue of the smiling Buddha has the most significance. It provides riches while bringing tranquilly and removing bad effects from the environment. This is one of the basic vastu shastra tips that you should follow.
  5. A fish tank
    Aquariums are a great way to add vitality to your home’s decor. The Vastu Shastra tips recommends installing a fish aquarium as a technique to correct several doshas (defects) in the residence. Additionally, a lot of studies suggests that aquariums might help lower stress levels, blood pressure, and anxiety.
  6. Peacock Feathers
    Most likely, if you consider yourself spiritual, you already have a few peacock feathers in your possession. The iridescent hues of this lovely bird’s feathers stand for peace and spirituality. Additionally, even if you don’t intend to utilise them as good energy vastu decorations for your home, you may still use them to fend off lizards!
  7. Water Fountain That Flows: A Vastu Tip For Your Home
    According to Vastu Shastra and vastu shastra tips, a residence with an interior fountain is particularly fortunate. Put it on your house’s northeast, east, or north corner. Water need to be flowing continuously.
  8. Torans
    It is customary in Indian houses to adorn the entranceway with flowers or torans. Such fortunate home design items aid in warding off bad energy. Best Vastu shastra tips that is easy to follow as well. For beautiful toran visit Greh Sajjaa now.
  9. Wall artwork
    You may think about decorating your living room’s barren walls with paintings or other pieces of art. It’s critical to choose the correct kind of artwork that would bring luck, according to Vastu Shastra tips. A 7-horse artwork should be hung since it is lucky. Paintings with natural scenes, such as flowing rivers, mountains, and waterfalls, are perfect for living spaces, according to experts. Refrain from buying abstract or depressing artworks.
  10. Curtains
    Curtains protect against extreme heat and cold in addition to enhancing the attractiveness of the home. Making sure the curtains are in the proper area is essential to prevent difficulties or/and infections from afflicting the family. Only heavy, black drapes should be used in the negative area of the house.
    According to Vastu shastra tips or principles, the living room should only have dark-colored curtains, while the bedroom should have light-colored drapes.
    Consult a Vastu expert before buying curtains. To keep good mental health and peace of mind, the colours and substance must be carefully chosen.
  11. Tortoise And Elephant
    It stands for honour, knowledge, and achievement. Put it on the front door.
  12. Avoid Plants That Are Thorny
    Avoid using prickly plants while decorating your home. According to Vastu experts, you shouldn’t have prickly plants inside your home, such as cacti. Additionally, it would be better if you could keep them away from your home because thorny plants tend to draw a lot of unfavorable energy.
  13. Household Mirrors That Are Broken
    While mirrors are a common Vastu shastra tips decor item according to Vastu house guidelines, a shattered mirror is definitely not a good idea! The financial situation and health of the family might suffer if a mirror is installed incorrectly or has any defects. Mirrors that are shattered might draw bad luck, according to Vastu advice for homes.
  14. Harsh or Violent Images
    Violent pictures are another item of décor that you should avoid. Such aggressive depictions of rivalry, whether in the shape of paintings, ornamental sculptures, or other works of art, can lead to arguments among family members and negatively affect family ties.
  15. Furniture
    The simplest approach to alter the interior design is using furniture. Furniture not only makes the interiors of homes stylish and comfortable for the occupants, but it also contributes to the serenity and prosperity of the home. There is no one size fits all method since the furniture design is determined by the orientation of the house. However, the most typical decorating advice is to have square or rectangular-shaped furniture in the living room.
    According to Vastu Shastra tips , the house is split into positive and negative energy zones. In contrast to the negative zone, the positive zone is designed to be lighter.
  16. Mirrors
    According to Vastu Shastra tips , placing mirrors in the dining room is lucky. A giant mirror placed in front of the dining table helps to double the quantity of food, health, and riches. This set-up in the dining room is a great approach to improve the home’s aesthetic appeal.
  17. Place a Statue of the Laughing Buddha to Promote Smiles
    You could be wrong if you’ve always assumed that the primary purpose of having a smiling Buddha statue in your home is to add to the décor! Among the most important Vastu shastra tips ornamental objects for the home is the smiling Buddha statue. According to this knowledge, the giddy Buddha represents happiness and plenty. It is said to replace all the sadness and hardship in your life with happiness and success. So think about putting a statue of the smiling Buddha in the southeast corner of your house and see the difference.
  18. A Crystal Bowl to Help Dispel Negative Energy
    According to Vastu shastra tips, crystals are among the greatest ornamental elements. Get a bowl of crystals and see the impact of this beautiful item if you are surrounded by unfavourable vibes and sorrow. It is said that crystals absorb all the negativity from their environment and let positive flow freely. If you experience sleep problems like insomnia or sleep paralysis, a truly stunning Vastu bedroom decoration.
  19. Bring Home a piggy bank
    Unbelievably, a piggy bank attracts prosperity and riches to a house. A good luck charm is typically given as a present to a youngster to help them develop the habit of saving. It provides prosperity and fortune. Give your kid a piggy bank for the New Year as a way to bring luck and riches. A basic vastu shastra tips.
  20. Indoor plants
    Plants have the ability to enliven and change any interior or outdoor living area in the home. The living room is a good place for houseplants like money plants, fortunate bamboo plants, Tulsi, or aloe vera. They clear a place of any bad energy and add peace, pleasure, and greenery. Vastu experts advise against putting prickly plants like cacti inside the house.
  21. Fortune Hidden in Rainbow Colors
    Colours give a home a dynamic appearance and draw in uplifting energy. Find reasons to add colour to your home’s decor with artwork, antiquities, furniture, and accessories. The rainbow’s colours may enhance the interior design of a house and also bring luck and wealth. Make sure the objects blend nicely with the home’s general theme or style of décor. A very Important Vastu shastra tips.

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