Get Inspired: Trendy Diwali Decorations for a Modern Twist

The festival of light is almost approaching. Decorate your home for Diwali with cheerful accents. Many households are already fully prepared for Diwali and Diwali decorations, but not all of us may have the time for decorating our homes thus far in advance. We hence decided to increase the excitement a little bit and assist those who are time-constrained. These Diwali home decoration ideas may be used as a last check list to decorate your home before visitors arrive. Here are a few of the easiest Diwali decorations suggestions that you may use right now.

Diwali Decorations

The significance of Diwali house decoration

A crucial component of the celebration of Diwali is cleaning the house for at least a month before the festival begins. This is important for Diwali decorations. Following the cleaning, people start their holiday shopping, loading up on gifts for loved ones and god idols for the puja. The last stage of Diwali preparations is Diwali decorations.

For the Diwali celebration, homes are decorated in honour of Lakshmi and Ganesha, the patron deities of prosperity and success. On this day, homes are also decorated in celebration of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman’s return to Ayodhya following a 14-year exile. The Ayodhyavaasi, or residents of Ayodhya, decorated their dwellings as a mark of respect. The goddess Lakshmi was believed to only enter clean, well-lit homes in order to give prosperity and well-being on the occupants, therefore this ancient ceremony is designed to welcome her.

Diwali Decorations Ideas

#1 Before you decorate, properly clean your house.

Clean all the rooms, sweep the floor, and do the laundry. To assist welcome the Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of riches and fortune, during the festivities, it is traditional to thoroughly clean your home. For many, getting rid of old clutter and negativity seems like a new beginning because Diwali also heralds the start of a new year.

Many Hindus, as well as some non-Hindus, wait until Diwali to paint and renovate their walls. You might sponge paint your room or a single wall to add some extra flare without redoing the entire property.
During festivities, the family and visitors are often seated in the living room.So you may arrange your living area with a bit more attention. Even if your living room isn’t very large or extravagant, having a space that is clean, fragrant, and well-lit can suffice.

#2 Colorful carpets/ rugs with prints will liven up the room.

A certain technique to combine the massive effects while bracing the feelings is with printed and vibrant carpets. These days, large designs are fashionable and make a statement while providing a visual delight for the eyes. Carpets and rugs are available in different colors and sizes. You can add any size according to your space for your diwali decorations.

#3 For Diwali Decorations make rangoli, use coloured rice, sand, or painted objects.

Traditionally, coloured granular materials like rice or sand have been used to create rangoli, traditional art patterns formed on the floor during Hindu festivals such as Diwali. You may simply create your own rangoli on your floor by purchasing stencils, or you can use chalk to sketch the design on the floor. Then slowly pour the rice or sand over the pattern using a funnel with a small aperture.
Typically, art supply stores sell coloured rice and sand. Create any design of your choosing, such as a Mandala, a flower, or the Goddess Lakshmi.

Simple complex drawings on cardboard or pieces of wood can be painted and then laid out on the floor to serve as your rangoli if you’re on a tight budget. Add stones, mirrors, or beads to the top of your wooden rangoli to further embellish the painted patterns.
The main goals of rangoli are to beautify your house and to bring luck to your family. This is made in almost every house as a tradition as well and Diwali decorations also.

#4 Flower Power

Hindu customs have traditionally given flowers a prominent place, and festivities would not be complete without a hint of floral freshness. Prepare some flower chains, a lovely vase for flowers, or perhaps a dish for tea lights and candles. Flowers are best for Diwali decorations.

For flowers you can also choose Greh Sajjaa’s artifical flowers. They have artificial flowers that look like real ones. The variety of their flowers is very fresh and lively. Vide range of flower types, colors, sizes are available.

It’s lovely to use flowers to adorn your house. Make a garland out of some flowers. Decorate the stair rails, stair knobs, and the front door with this garland. This flower garland may be attached to string lights to bring beauty to your home’s decor. Place roses in a glass bowl with water and set it on the coffee or dining tables.

#5 Hang a colorful and beautiful Toran or Bandhanwar at your door

Make your own toran/bandhanwar out of greeting cards, construction paper, glitter, and beads, or purchase premade toran/bandhanwar to hang. Maintaining tradition, decorate your toran with marigolds or mango leaves and hang it at your front entrance for a colourful and auspicious accent.
Most toran are covered in leaves or flowers for diwali decorations. If you don’t have any fresh flowers, you can simply cut pieces of cardboard or craft paper into the shape of flowers and hang them from the toran. You may even fold paper flowers or leaves out of colourful paper.
Toran have a religious function in addition to being merely decorative; they are used to entice and welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, into your home.

You can also purchase handmade bandhanwar from Greh Sajjaa, they are best for Diwali decorations. Bandhawar here are made from flowers, laces, fabrics, frills, sea shells, and many other decorative materials.

#6 Decorate home with Diyas and Aesthetic Tealight Candles

Throughout the Indian subcontinent, Diya oil lamps are a popular Diwali Decoartions. It’s simple to get inexpensive earthen Diya’s. As long as they’re solid, you may even try utilizing fruit or seashells for simple handmade Diya’s. You may carve out the inside of a piece of fruit and set a candle within it to create your own distinctive and creative Diya’s, or you can just place a candle in a sizable seashell with a flat bottom.
Use an easy-to-manipulate fruit with a rind, such as an orange or an apple, for optimal results.

Prefabricated Diya’s made of more conventional materials, such clay or brass, are also an option for Diwali decorations. The majority of grocery shops in South Asia sell them. Consider constructing your own oil lamps. You may add colour and the aroma of your choice to them.
Hinduism places a lot of importance on Diya’s, which stand for wisdom, enlightenment, and obedience to a higher force. If you want to build your own unique Diya’s or have a certain design in mind, you can use colours, flowers, stones, or even recycled materials to decorate basic Diya’s in lovely patterns.

#7 Metallic Showpieces for a Quick Diwali Decorations

Metal furniture with a rustic aesthetic adds a touch of elegance and traditionalism to an otherwise contemporary space. Additionally, Diwali is the perfect time to try new house décor.

Shop Metal Showpeices like tealight stands, God Idols, statues, wall hangings, flower pots, decor items from Greh Sajjaa, Pitampura, Delhi. They have latest and trendy decor items to decorate your home.

These metal tealight candle holders are beautiful and gracefully accentuate the appearance. They may be arranged on surfaces including floors, tables, desktops, and even as dining room accents.

The ideal technique to elegantly adorn your room is to use the walls for Diwali decorations. To create a gallery wall, go outside the box and add old art pieces, or just place some modern works on the wall. Your room is elegantly decorated with unusual patterns, daring colour combinations, and textured walls in addition to priceless paintings and art galleries.

#8 Add New Furnishings

To breathe fresh life into your house, experiment with new furnishings like bed linens, pillows, furniture covers, carpets for the floors, and curtains for diwali decorations. A new bedsheet will automatically change the look of your room and will make it look new. And changing upholstery of your sofa or curtains will change the look your living room and will make it aesthetically look more beautiful.

For Diwali, decorate your living area in bright colours. Shop all the latest and budget friendly furnishings from Greh Sajjaa, Pitampura, Delhi. They have mind-blowing collection of bedsheets, quilted bedcovers, cushion covers, sofa fabrics, curtains and everything.

By adding cushions, you may brighten up your living area during Diwali Decoartions. Cushions are one of the many décor pieces that may be used for any occasion. Your house may be decorated with a variety of cushions, from those with distinctive patterns to those with sequins in various colours.

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